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Tillverkare Frydenbö Sabb motor AS
Vikt 175 kg

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35 BHP / 26.2 KW @ 2800 RPM

SABB K-series lifeboat engine is based on Kubota engines. This renowned engine manufacturer has carefully been chosen by Frydenbø Sabb Motor AS to combine the advantages of large scale production and competitive prices with the experience and knowledge of Frydenbø Sabb Motor AS in the completion of the lifeboat engines.



Standard equipment


According to SOLAS 74 / IMO 83 for engines

for partially / totally enclosed lifeboats.

• 1-pole electrical system

• Power take off for sprinkler pump 

• Alternator radio interference suppression

• Engine inversion stop service

• Sump drain pump

• Self-bleeding fuel system

• Instrumentation / alarm function

• Parts list / operator’s manual

• Instruction labels

• Work test certificate

• Toolkit


Optional equipments


• 42V / 220V water jacket heater

• Extra start system: Electric / Hydraulic /Spring starter

• P16 sprinkler pump w/bracket

• Triple battery charging diodes

• Spare parts kit


Program tests


• Cold starting at minus 15°C within 2 minutes.

• Operation for minimum 5 minutes immersed in water to centre of crankshaft.

• Inversion of running engine through 360 degrees (Capsize test).

• Out-of-water test of engine to simulate operation before launching lifeboat.